MK-Ultra – James Thornwell was Drugged with LSD, two months after Paul Robeson

Black Army soldier James Thornwell was drugged by a secret U.S. Army Intelligence unit in France in 1961, two months after Paul Robeson was also unwittingly drugged in Moscow in 1961.

Two Months after Paul Robeson died of natural causes in January 1976 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, James Thornwell was contacted by the Surgeon General’s Office in California as follow up of his 1961 LSD drugging by Army Intelligence. James Thornwell was unaware that he was drugged in 1961. In 1961 Army Intelligence was also tracking Paul Robeson and I suspect these two men were drugged in parallel, with James Thornwell as a control victim to see how the LSD drugging was affecting Paul Robeson (the intended target). Los Angeles Police Officers tell me that the timing of these two related unwitting LSD druggings are suspect. Did the United States Army coordinate the simultaneous of these two men in Europe in 1961?

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