Fuck Alcatel Lucent

After receiving my masters in computer engineering from Princeton, ¬†due to racism, I was assault and battered twice at work at a predecessor of Lucent (AT&T Bell Laboratories) in 1986 and because I complained about the batteries to the police, LSD was slipped into my food at work. I was then forced on mental disability for almost 30 years. In 2000, using the then recently enacted Anti-Cybersquatting Consumer Protection Act, Lucent sued me (and lost) for the domain name LucentSucks.com (where I complained about this forced disability). In the court decision (in my favor) citing 1st Amendment Rights, the court wrote “Plaintiff alleges that the website at this domain name contains pornographic photographs and services for sale. ” (I failed to pay hosting of www.LucentSucks.com for a month and the ISP redirected the domain to a Canadian porn site.) Since then, Lucent was acquired by Alcatel and is now owned by Nokia. Coming up on the 30 year anniversary of this faux¬†incarceration, I’ve registered this domain www.Fuck-Alcatel-Lucent.com where I intend to discuss the ponographic and taboo nature of my treatment by Lucent. Since I believe that it is now more important that I feel than think, I will also discuss relates sensual and erotic related topics. (Sometimes you have to come down from your Ivory Tower and talk to people (Lucent) in a language that they understand.)

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